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On the Introduction to Home Modifications Workshop – 21 February 2014

I shall be conducting the Introductory Home Modifications Workshop on Friday, 21 February from 8am (registration) to 4pm at LifeTec Qld, cnr Enogerra Road and Newmarket Road, Newmarket, Brisbane.

The introductory home modifications workshop aims to provide occupational therapy practitioners with:

  • An understanding of current models of practice and the application of clinical reasoning to home modification practice
  • Information on the relevance and application of access standards to home modification practice
  • An update on recent changes to AS 1428.1
  • Practice measuring the person, their equipment and carer
  • Practice measuring the built environment
  • Information on how to translate the various measurements into features in the built environment
  • Practice drawing to scale by hand
  • Information on essential detail to include in OT reports
  • Resource information to enhance practice
  • Information on research and practice relating to grabrail prescription

The registration form for this and other workshops I hope to run this year, are on my website.