Our Home Modification Process

Initial Referral – Phone 0408 781 554 or email – info@homedesignforliving.com

We can talk to you about your needs and can plan a time to meet you.

Initial Visit – Seeing You At Home
We can visit you in the home and discuss:
how you are managing with your everyday activities
the challenges you might be having with the layout of your home and the tasks you are completing
possible solutions to suit your needs – equipment options, a different way of doing a task, support from other services or modifications for your home
funding options available from government or non-government organisations
builders/designers/architects who you can contact to provide quotes for maintenance and home modification work

We will observe how you manage around the home, and measure you and your equipment, and the home environment. This information helps us to provide information on products and layout of the home that are the best “fit” for you and for other members of the household.

We will discuss whether a second visit is required and the level of expertise required for works completion. Information can be provided about how and where to source builders/designers/architects.

Second Visit – Involving the Design/Construction Professional

We can do a second visit with the builder/designer/architect to inspect and discuss the areas of concern and provide information on whether the home modifications can be achieved with ease.  We can suggest specific products, designs and finishes to best suit your needs. The builder/designer/architect can provide technical advice, plans, a specification and costings for works completion based on our recommendations.

Works Completion

We are available to visit you at the conclusion of the home modification process to check the home modification to ensure it suits your needs and to provide any advice about changes, to the builder.