Consultation Services

Looking for an Occupational Therapy housing needs or home modification assessment for someone with a health condition/disability or for someone who is ageing? 

We provide information for government and non government services that have clients experiencing difficulty coping in their home environment.

We also provide services to older people and people with a disability or health condition who wish to engage our staff in a private capacity.

Specific services include:

An analysis of client information to determine the need for equipment, alternative ways to complete self care and homemaker activities, support services and home modifications or new construction design
Provision of concept drawings of areas to and within the home
Provision of building advice and costings through partnership with design and construction professionals
Reviews of plans to ensure the person’s needs have been fully considered in the selection of products and the layout of areas
Recommendations on performance criteria of designs and products to ensure the correct option is chosen for the person
Information on when to adhere to or deviate from the Australian Standards with respect to home modification/new domestic design practice
Information on universal design and Livable Housing Design, to inform design and product selection

We provide expert witness assessments and reports for the court system for people who have had a complex or catastrophic injury. The specialist reports can describe current and future housing and home modification requirements. Our goal is to provide timely reports with comprehensive information for insurance companies and solicitors.

We also provide advice to businesses who are seeking to meet the requirements of the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standard and the Disability Discrimination Act by providing information at the planning stage. Our staff have formal qualifications in Access Consultancy and specialize in providing information relating to Class 1 and Class 2 buildings to small and large developers and government agencies.