Interested in gaining more knowledge and skills in home modification practice?

Our staff deliver creative workshops to suit the learning needs of Occupational Therapists wishing to find out more about modifying all areas of the home environment.

Introductory and advanced home modification workshops are available for the novice therapist or the experienced clinician interested in refining their knowledge and skill base. Specialised topics such as modifying bathrooms and kitchens, and designing ramps, are also available.

Individuals may choose to attend the workshop program listed on this site, or our staff are available to create workshops to suit the needs of organisations requiring particular topics (eg modifying homes for clients who are in the bariatric range, or who have spinal injuries, or a cognitive/sensory/psychiatric disabilities; modifying homes for children; medicolegal processes for occupational therapists completing housing needs/home modification recommendations).

Workshops, lectures, or short presentations can be created on a broad range of topics including:
Universal Design – principles and application
Livable Housing Design
Development of domestic design approaches over time and current approaches to design for older people and people with disabilities
Accessible and adaptable design for key areas within and outside the home and in the community
The relevance and application of the Australian Standards to home modification/new domestic design practice
The housing and home modification needs of older people and people with disabilities including, for example:
  • people with physical impairment – spinal injuries and/or head injuries; neurological impairments;
  • people with sensory impairment
  • people with cognitive impairments
  • people with dementia
  • people with HIV/AIDS
  • children with a range of impairments
  • people needing wheelchair accessible caravans
  • Working as an expert witness determining housing solutions etc.
  • Measuring the person, their equipment and carers, and the environment, and developing concept drawings
  • Using tools and technology for practice
  • Products, designs and finishes that best suit elegant domestic home modifications
  • and other topics

Liz Ainsworth has co-authored the peer reviewed publication:

Ainsworth, E. & de Jonge, D. (2011). An occupational therapist’s guide to home modification practice. Thorofare, NJ: SLACK Inc.

This book is being used as a university text and major reference for clinicians working in the home modification field, around the world.