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Home Modifications Webinar – Report Writing

The next home mods webinar will be on Wed 18 November at 12noon Brisbane time.

The topic will be – Report Writing.

I shall aim to provide an overview of:

  • Features of different types of comprehensive reports for minor and major modifications – to assist with court decisions, ensure protection from litigation and facilitate excellent clinical competence

The following webinar will be on Drawing – to be held on Wed 2 December at 12noon Brisbane time. I shall be showing film footage for this particular webinar and will talk about when to draw to scale and not to scale, drawing by hand and using apps and other information. This webinar complements the report writing webinar.

Registration information is available at my website – www.homedesignforliving.com

Don’t forget to check to make sure you have good internet speed, and the latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or the like; and please register well ahead of the event to ensure you have received the link.

Thanking you

Kind regards Liz

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