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Webinar – Drawing – 2 December 2015 at 12noon Brisbane time

The second last webinar for the year will be on Wednesday this week, 2 December at 12noon Brisbane time.

The topic will be – Drawing.

The objectives are to provide an overview of:

  • Benefits of drawing
  • Essential features to include in drawings
  • Drawing by hand – tools and processes
  • Drawing using technology – apps and programs

I shall be incorporating a short film to show you how I integrate it into my home visiting process.

Registration details are on my website at www.homedesignforliving.com. Please register at least 24 hours before the webinar to ensure there are no problems receiving the link. Don’t forget to read all steps listed in the Paypal instructions so that you receive the link straight after you pay.

Do check that you have good internet speed and the latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or similar installed on your computer. I shall be logging in about 10 minutes before the 12noon start time to test sound etc.

I look forward to talking to you then.


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