Occupational Therapy Services for All Ages and Abilities

Consulting in home modifications and new construction requirements for older people and people with a disability, and providing advice on public access.

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About Elizabeth Ainsworth

liz-ainsworthElizabeth is a passionate Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of experience working in the housing field, and disability and aged care sectors. In that time, Elizabeth has:

  • Co-authored an international book on home modifications practice – Ainsworth, E. & de Jonge, D. (2019). An occupational therapist’s guide to home modification practice (2nd ed.).Thorofare, NJ: SLACK Inc.
  • Received numerous Occupational Therapy Association awards, such as the 2013 Occupational Therapy Australia – Qld Division Mary Rankine Wilson Award for Professional Excellence; the 2015 Louise Van Willigen Memorial Scholarship for Professional Development; and the 2017 Occupational Therapy National – Elspeth Pearson Award
  • Delivered paper, poster, and workshop presentations at State, National, and International Conferences and events.
  • Produced a number of published papers.

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Approved Provider

National Disability Insurance Scheme
National Injury Insurance Scheme
iCare New South Wales

Occupational Therapy Advice

Seeking advice on the how to modify your home or improve design of public buildings to best suit the needs of older people and people with disabilities? Our staff can provide advice

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Interested in gaining more knowledge and skills in home modification practice? Our staff deliver creative workshops to suit the learning needs of Occupational Therapists

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Consulting Services

Looking for an Occupational Therapy housing needs or home modification assessment for someone with a health condition/disability or for someone who is ageing?

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