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Webinar 22 June 2015 – 7pm Minor Modifications

Dear OTs

Just a quick reminder that the next webinar will be on Monday 22 June at 7pm – 8pm (Brisbane time). The topic is Minor Modifications.

It is hoped that by the end of the webinar, therapists will be able to:

• Name the difference between minor and major modifications
• Understand the context for delivery of minor modifications in the community
• List the advantages and limitations of minor modifications
• Name the process for identifying the need for minor modifications
• Name typical barriers and minor modification solutions in the home
• List the resources that can be used for future practice

I have decided to run some night time sessions in response to feedback by OTs who prefer to attend webinars out of hours.

Registration details are on my website under the EVENTS tab – Webinars for 2015 (please click on the tab and hover over it again to find the webinar listing).

If you attend, please ensure you have good internet speed, and the latest Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox etc installed. I have an IT guy I hire to provide assistance if you require help in the day.

Liz Ainsworth

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