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On Universal Design in Flood Areas

As you have heard, we have experienced devastating floods over 75% of Queensland in the last month.   There was an interesting article in “The Australian” in the last week, about the alternative design of the Queenslander ie raising it high so that homes can still be built in flood areas.  Architect Michael Rayner provided some thoughts featured in the article – http://www.theaustralian.com.au/in-depth/queensland-floods/river-city-architect-michael-rayner-washed-away-now-looking-for-new-ways-to-stay-dry/story-fn7iwx3v-1225992641072.

An issue I have been pondering is… how we can design homes to suit the access needs of older people and people with disabilities while also catering for the weather? How does Universal Design “fit” in this circumstance?

I wonder whether homes in New Orleans have UD features incorporated into their design?

Any comments?