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On Regulating Access Requirements for Domestic Homes

The Qld Action for Universal Housing Design Group is encouraging government to regulate access requirements for domestic homes – see their site at http://www.qauhd.org/. Debate exists about whether or not this is realistic especially as the building industry expresses concern about the costs associated with undertaking this approach. The latest AHURI report on ageing Australians acknowledges that people will be staying in their own homes as they age in place. Such a trend will mean that people will need housing that is designed well to suit their needs as they age into disability.

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  1. The Queensland Action for Universal Housing Design now has over fifty organisations supporting its position statement calling for regulation for minimum access requirements in the Building Code of Australia
    for all new and extensively modified housing.

    This is very pleasing indeed. Please visit the website http://www.qauhd.org for a list of supporters and a copy of the position statement. If you support this position statement, please contact Queensland Action for Universal Housing Design on qauhd@qauhd.org

    We would love to hear from you.

    Please watch this space for our plan for 2011.

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