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Update from Occupational Therapy Australia on Commenting on AS 4069

The following information is from Occupational Therapy Australia:

Bathseats – product requirements

Please be advised the following is open for public comment through Standards Australia until 16.7.2012

Draft Number:
DR AS/NZS 4069 (Rev)

Bathseats – Product requirements

Project Committee:
ME-067 Assistive Technology Products for Persons with Disability

Public Comment Closing Date:

You can view the draft and any incoming comments by logging onto https://www.hub.standards.org.au/hub/public/index.jsp and selecting the project number as detailed above.

You may comment directly through the link above.

Please note that Occupational Therapy Australia is represented on the overseeing committee mentioned above (ME- 067). If you have any particular comments or concerns you would like the committee to be aware of feel free to contact the National Representative, Joy Pennock on representation@ausot.com.au
Please note that there are other standards listed on the Dashboard that might be of interest, to provide comment on….

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