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On Upcoming Education Events

A few events coming up:

Friday 30 January – 12noon Brisbane time – One hour webinar on home modifications issues relating to setting up toilets to suit people with a range of needs. Discussion will occur about common scenarios eg set outs for mobile shower commodes, movement of toilet pans without major modifications, pan types to suit clients with a range of conditions, bidets and bidettes – what is allowed for use in Australia (a contentious issue!), the dilemma of hand held showers and the requirements of the plumbing code in relation to toilets etc

Friday 13 March – One day workshop on Ramps and Rails. There will be a mix of theory and practical activities, and I will show attendees how to string out three types of ramps to suit the different slopes of land. Products and finishes will be showcased and I shall also go through the latest research on measuring for grabrails.

Saturday 14 March – Qld Home Modification Discussion Group Meeting – featuring a live link with Idapt staff in the UK who will demonstrate the latest version of their drawing software with recent updates. Discussion will occur about the latest technology and apps being used in practice. OTs are encouraged to bring their array of electronic devices for “show and tell”.

Interstate or regional OTs are welcome to come to the R&R workshop and stay on for the meeting the next day!

For further information about registration, cost etc, please check my website under the EVENTS tab.

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