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On the Design of Everyday Things

I have just re-read a book that I had picked up several years ago called “The Design of Everyday Things” by Donald Norman (2002).  He is a cognitive scientist who talks about good design as the most important factor to regaining a competitive edge in influencing consumer behaviour. Some of his points are significant. He talks about design affecting society, a thought that is not new to designers. He mentions that in Western Cultures, design has reflected the cultural importance of the marketplace, with an emphasis on exterior features deemed to be attractive to the purchaser. Norman says that taste is not the criterion in marketing food and drinks, usability is not the main criterion to market home and office appliances…..rather, we are surrounded by objects of desire, not objects of use. This then leads one to question how we can influence people to embrace the concept of livable home design or accept the need for home modifications to their own home, particularly when home modifications affect the look of the home….We need to  share design ideas for home modifications that do not appear oversized and inelegant…Any thoughts??