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On Idapt – a new drawing tool being used overseas

Idapt is a new drawing tool being promoted in the UK and the USA to OTs. I have heard that the majority of OTs in Scotland who are working in the home modification field, are using this tool. There is an app available for IPhones to assist with establishing ramp lengths and a more extensive drawing tool is available on line from www.idapt-planning.co.uk. I have signed up to have a one year license to use the tool and plan to link with Nigel Burton from the company, at the next Home Mods Discussion Group meeting in August to get him to show how it can be used. Products from Australia can be incorporated into the database, and existing plans drawn by designers can be included in design work. If you are interested in finding out more about the product, do contact Nigel or Ben through the website. A colleague in the UK is doing a review of the usefulness of this tool and I hope to be in touch with him to get his comments. Hopefully I can put the review of the tool on this blog…Let me know what you think too.

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  1. Hello,
    so pleased you mentioned the Idapt as I viewed some of the features of the product at the AOTA conference this year. It looks helpful, especially if the US could just switch to the metric system. The usefulness of the product I am sure will expand and it will be great to see what headway Nigel and his team are able to make to increase the product lines avaialbe from the US and other countries.
    Thank you again for bloggin on this and look forward to hearing more about the useflness with yoru colleague in teh UK!
    Jennifer DeRosa

  2. ainsworthej

    I have just had my first two hour training session with Nigel in the UK (via phone and the net) and I have been impressed with his teaching style and the options the program offers. It has a database of products. If you do a drawing, select a particular product, the final plan that is generated can include a list of product information sheets for the client. Information for a specification can be added, and the system can be used to monitor where work is up to and staff workloads. I hope to have another session later in July after some further practice.

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