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Bringing Telehealth into Practice – Introductory Workshop – 8 May 2014

I highly recommend this workshop and hope you can attend… 

Information from Desleigh de Jonge, Presenter of the workshop, LifeTec Qld:

Focus of the Workshop
In order to use telehealth technologies effectively in practice, people need to feel comfortable with the technologies and know how to translate their practice from traditional methods ensuring the quality of service delivery is retained.

At the end of this workshop attendees will be able to:

  • identify the benefits of telehealth
  • describe common barriers to using telehealth and strategies for dealing with these
  • use common technologies to host a telehealth event
  • maximise the effectiveness of a videocall
  • plan and host a telehealth event
  • develop contingencies for addressing difficulties in a telehealth event

This session will provide attendees with practical activities, opportunities for discussion and a chance to develop an implementation plan for their practice.

Date: Thursday 8th May 2014 – 9.30 am to 4:30 pm (Registration begins at 9 am)

Cost: $198 per person, inclusive of GST

Suitable for: This workshop is suitable for people working in the health care sector looking to extend their skills and knowledge on how to effectively use telehealth as a mode of service delivery.

Venue: LifeTec Brisbane (Newmarket).

Register: by Friday, 2nd May 2014.To register for this workshop, please complete the registration form in the link below, and return to us via fax or email.

Registration Form

Fax: 07 3552 9088                  Email: education@lifetec.org.au

Participants with their own smart devices or tablets should bring these along to use during the practical sessions of this workshop. A limited number of trial devices will be available for participants that do not have their own.


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