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2016 Webinars – Recorded and Live Events

I have recorded the 18 home modification webinars from last year and they are now available on my website for download at a time that suits you – http://homedesignforliving.com/webinars-for-2016/.

I had posted them up in Feb and had a few technical and business related issues but they are now up and running again.

The cost is $50 plus GST for individuals to watch the webinars and I am able to send a certificate of attendance to people who forward me proof of payment and their name and email address. I have had to increase the price due to the introduction of new technology and the involvement of a professional film maker to assist me with the development of the material. The webinars are live for 24 hours from time of payment and you will need good internet speed on your device (similar to the requirements for last year’s webinars).

I have a group rate for people wanting to watch the presentations at meetings etc and I am able to send a link on request, for the group enrolment. I am able to send a certificate of attendance to the people in the group if I am sent a list of their email addresses and proof of payment.

I also hope to run a few free webinars this year, to make time available for people who have purchased the webinars to watch. This will be a chance for people to ask questions about the content of the webinars. I shall be providing information about the free webinars on the website – stay tuned for updates!

If you have any suggestions for webinar topics that you would like me to develop and run, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You are also welcome to send this information onto your colleagues.