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On Qld Shelter’s Snapshot of Qld’s Housing Status

Did you know that in Qld in 2011, 27% of low income renters in the private market were in rental stress and at risk of financial hardship and poverty; in 2011 there was a shortage of 19,100 private rental dwellings for very low income households in Brisbane; and there were 38,020 applicants on the Qld social housing register as at 31 March 2012? Further, there were 26,782 people in Qld experiencing homelessness on Census night in 2006. These are statistics that are very concerning….

Qld Shelter, in their June 2012 Quarterly Magazine, has provided articles on the housing issues affecting our state including, for example, the need for inclusive housing (by Margaret Ward, Qld Action for Universal Housing Design), the accommodation requirements of women exiting prison (by Ruth Toomey, former Policy Officer), and the latest Census results for 2012 (by Noelle Hudson, Senior Policy Officer).

The newsletter provides an excellent overview of current issues of concern and housing trends.

If you wish to support the efforts of Qld Shelter and subscribe to their publications, contact staff at www.qshelter.asn.au

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